Top blogs to learn more about the Apartheid

Many people have written about their thoughts on Apartheid. There are many blogs available that will give you a good picture of what actually happened during that time. Here are some blogs that are worth reading.

tiaThe Apartheid pages – Tia Mysoa

In this blog the author describes the period of apartheid and the major events that took place during that time. To read the blog visit the link

jerusalemLife under Apartheid – The Jerusalem Post

This blog is about a journalist’s life in South Africa during the period of apartheid. You can read the blog following the link

southafricaThe Legacy of Aparthed –

This blog explains what apartheid is and how it all started. You can read the blog following the link


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eatwithchef.netThis website not only has the vacuum sealer reviews  but arguably the most complete and interesting guide on Apartheid. We highly recommend that you check it out!

These blogs will give you an idea how horrible that period of apartheid was. You will learn about the history of South Africa, influence of the great leader Nelson Mandela, how people suffered during those days and how they were finally freed.