Vance HuddlestonYou must have come across the word ‘Apartheid’ at some point in your lives, especially if you lived in South Africa or around that region. Apartheid is a big part of South Africa’s history. This is known as the unfortunate period of South Africa.

‘Apartheid’ means separate development of races, that is, white oppression over blacks in South Africa. It started off in the 19th century and had been practiced for many years. During my early ages I lived in South Africa with my family. I have heard my father talk about it all the time. People have different perceptions toward it. I have done research on this topic in my college days as the notion really moved me.

This blog is for those who are curious, like me, to know about that dark period of South Africa. By reading this blog you will know exactly what went on during that period in South Africa. You will also learn about the role Nelson Mandela played in changing the system. There are lots of reading references in this book which will help you learn about the history of South Africa and its Apartheid system. I hope you find this blog interesting. Happy reading!